Consumed by the Light
First Solo Exhibit
Ayala Museum Lobby
December 5-9, 1996


There are few occasions in an artist's odyssey when
The Medium becomes The Message.
There are fewer occasions still when Life parallels Art.

It is amazing how God has allowed all this to happen here:
that my Medium, transparent resin, finds Subject Matter, Faith,
and that the breakthrough on the shop floor, glasslike finish,
parallels my clearer understanding of God.

Stripped to the Soul!
That was my condition when God revealed Himself to me.
It was only after I had been denied
the type of life I thought was best for me;
after He took everything I held dear
did I give Him time and space in my life.
At the very core of my being,
all I could really claim to be real is the artist in me
and that is what I offer back in gratitude to His calling me.

Through this exhibit I share with you lessons
by which His Light and Love are transforming me.
Now I understand the paradox that
the truly important things are invisible to the eye.
Now I begin to see myself as He sees me.
Now I am able to let go
of things, ideas, habits and relationships
that disrupt my life with Him.

We have heard it said, "to see is to believe".
God asks us "to believe so as to see."
I struggle with this because as an artist, Sight is Everything.
While working on a project a few months back,
some chemicals accidentally splattered on my face.
As I desperately rinsed it off, I asked God if He had to blind me
for me to walk by faith. He didn't have to.
The realization was enough for me to see beyond the apparent.

Faith is not blind, irrational nor wishful thinking.
For me, Faith is based upon real events where God proves
He could be trusted as He has done for others throughout time.
Faith is a deliberate decision
to trust in God's word no matter what!

Spiritual Sight requires us to choose
to live life His way and on His terms.
God asks us to give up living for ourselves
and to live for Him according to His Design.
Just decide to take the first step of faith.
The rest is up to Him.



The Struggle for Courage to Believe


Renewing the Mind


Stepping Out in Faith


The Walk


Be Still


Consider the Lilies


Waiting On the Lord


Child of God Becoming