Pinatubo Series

In 1991, Mt Pinatubo, about 80 kms away from the city of Manila, erupted and made global news. Volcanic material was in such abundance. Instead of buying filler materials for these products, I tried using the ash otherwise called "lahar" and these turned out to be best sellers.

Holy Family Tile Holy Family

This high relief tile handpainted in verdigris finish comes with a stand as a table top item or can be hung with the other 2 items below as a grouping.

H: 18cm  W:12cm

Crucified Christ Face

Crucified Christ Face

This graphic high relief tile is sponge-finished and highlighted with metallic paint. The "crown of thorns" is made from zinc-chromate-plated barbed wire. Wall hung. Most popular with the men.

H: 15cm  W: 9cm

Shining in Jesus Cross

Shining in Jesus Cross

This naif-style tile also in high relief is handpainted in a pastel colorway.
Wall hung.

H: 17cm  W: 12cm

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