Small Ornaments

These items were produced as initial attemps on low-relief, simple mold making.I was entertaining the possibility of joining the Christmas Decor export market.

Mask Ornaments

Mask Ornaments

Kabuki inspired handcrafted polymer in transparent dye, opaque toner and hand-painted designs.

H: 6.5cm  W: 5cm

Holly Free Form

Holly Series

Free-form holly
4cm sq.

Holly Coaster


Holly coaster
10cm dia.

Holly Wire Wreath


Holly with wire wreath
6cm dia.

Holiday Highlights

Transparent Christmas ornaments: Holly, Tree, Rooster, Dove, and Holy Family. Available separately or as a set of 6 in colors shown..

8cm widest dimension

Victorian Hearts


Victorian Hearts handpainted in muted pastels;

Oriental Hearts


Oriental Hearts in graphic black and gold or in any custom look for an infinite number of uses.

Size: 5cm

Love Birds

Love Birds in Pairs

Solid-casted resin birds arranged with ribbons and lacquered dried jackfruit leaves nested on a light-wood base. This was conceptualized and made as a wedding souvenir.

8cm sq.



In Filipino, "pasikat" means show-off. These cats are solid-casted with Pinatubo sand dressed up with silver garlands and embedded with sparkling rhinestones. Upright and reclined, these cats are enjoyed best as a pair.

Upright Cat: H: 6cm  W: 6cm  

Reclined Cat: H: 4cm  W: 7cm

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